ABOUT This single parent


Who's Beth?

I'm a single parent since 2012 to 2 awesome teenagers and a fur kid (a cranky ole lady dog named Foxy). I'm an entrepreneur, social butterfly, empathic, and all around free spirit. I love traveling and new experiences. This... this is definitely a new experience.  

Feel free to stop by this website, connect on the social medias, or send me a message anytime. I look forward to connecting and sharing this journey with you. 

Why Single Parent's Project?

The intention of this blog is to create a movement within the Single Parent community to become more intentional, connected, and grow all while sharing true experiences with authenticity and transparency through this lifestyle blog. 

 With over a third of households in today's world run by single parents, I see a great need for a non-gender biased resource for others who have shared experiences to gain encouragement and be seen.  

I'm not a single parent, can I still follow along?

YES!  Everyone is welcome here. This is not meant for just the elite single parents. Everyone knows a single parent or maybe you've been one before, but this is an inclusive movement. It's all about the single life... in a lifestyle blog

How often do you post a blog?

You can expect to see a new blog every week by either myself or a guest writer. 

If I sign up for the newsletter will I get spammed?

No. At the most, you will see 4 emails a month if getting emails is your thing. 

Where else can I find you?

Join the community on social media for a more interactive experience (links are below). Be sure to use the #SingleParentingMoments  to join in the conversation! 

YouTube will be available soon... stay tuned.